Frozen Signal – Jana Winderen

22 June 2012 18:30 – 22:30 Science Museum

Various species use vibrations and sound waves for communication, orientation and hunting… some we know about, some we don’t…

Both deep at sea, in more shallow waters, salt and fresh water, and above water, animals use senses that are far beyond our own range. In the dark, obvious tools to use are sound and vibration. With highly sensitive equipment we can listen in to sounds even our own hearing cannot pick up without external amplification or pitch shifting.

It is important to add the sense of listening to our understanding of the creatures of rivers, lakes and oceans, and in this way we can increase our respect and knowledge of this hugely important and fragile ecosystems.

Jana Winderen here uses a 6+1 speaker setup surrounding the audience, who will be immersed in the sound. The performance is based on hydrophone (under water microphones) recordings from oceans and rivers in or near Thailand, Korea, Russia, England, Norway, Greenland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.


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