Pop-up Cinema at Christie’s South Kensington / Aura Satz / Curated Screening

23 June 2012 14:45 – 16:45

Aura Satz’s practice encompasses film, sound, performance and sculpture. In recent years she has completed a collection of films which look closely at sound visualisation through various technologies such as Chladni patterns, the theremin, mechanical music, phonograph grooves and drawn/optical sound, paying close attention to the materiality of such technologies, the resulting sound patterns and the modes of gestural engagement.

The camera work tends to pore over its subject, zooming in visually and acoustically until it becomes abstracted in scale and context, and reconfigured to evoke a new anatomy or landscape of sorts, an architectural structure, or a writing system. The films provide an intimate encounter with archaic and obsolete sound technologies, exploring their defamiliarized sculptural and tactile qualities, and revealing new ways of thinking about sound.


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